Clinical Need

Some of the major pathologies of the brain include trauma, neurodegenerative disease and stroke. Imaging plays an important role in diagnosing many of these pathologies, but imaging studies take significant time and hospital resources. It also cannot provide diagnoses of certain indications like concussion and dementia and can be time consuming and retract from the limited therapeutic window in certain indications like ischemic stroke. Beyond the time required for advanced imaging studies, they are expensive and the most common, CT, delivers significant radiation dose.

A rapid, non-invasive aid to diagnosis that measures brain structure/physiology but does not utilize ionizing radiation would reduce imaging costs, reduce delivered radiation doses and enable currently unavailable diagnoses. The BrainPulse technology aims to do this by extracting neurophysiological parameters that can aid in the diagnosis of brain pathologies including neurodegenerative disease, stroke and traumatic brain injuries.